Quest not-for-profit grocery markets are not open to the general public.


Do you qualify to be a Quest client?

Quest Food Exchange collaborates with communities to ensure that client can have a dignified shopping experience and access healthy and affordable grocery items, household items and personal care products.

All Individuals and charitable organizations, including children and families, immigrants, refugees, seniors with limited financial resources, people on disability allowance and others who are consistently classified and meet the low income criteria qualify to obtain a Quest client card and be eligible to shop in a Quest not-for-profit grocery market.


To obtain a client card:

You must be referred by a local charity, non-profit organization, school, church, healthcare practitioner or a certified professional.

Alternatively you can call or text 2-1-1  and ask an agent to provide you information on the nearest social service agency.


Process to refer a client to Quest:

You must be a local charity, non-profit organization, school, church, healthcare practitioner or a certified professional to refer a client to shop at Quest not-for-profit grocery markets.

Please email to your preferred market location the following information (email addresses for each location provided below):

  1. Subject Line: Client Referral
  2. Body of Email: Client Last Name, First Name
  3. Signature Line: Organization’s name and case manager’s name

To ensure your email referral meets Quest’s guidelines, the email must be sent from the official email address of the referring organization (please do not use a personal email address to send in a request). Alternatively, you can print out and complete the form and have the client take the signed form into the market of their choice.

Please allow for 2 business days to process a client card after which time you may advise your client to pick up their card from the Quest grocery market location referred in your email subject line. Note: ID to be presented at the time of client card pick-up.


Dundas - referral.dundas@questoutreach.org

Burnaby - referral.burnaby@questoutreach.org

North Vancouver - referral.nvan@questoutreach.org

Surrey - referral.surrey@questoutreach.org

Hastings - referral.hastings@questoutreach.org


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